Margaret Stewart has been a trustee of the NNA since 2009. She wished to support the charity as a result of her experience as a carer for a relative with a long term neurological condition, when she encountered delays in getting help, and confusion in trying to join together the many care pathways from different providers in order to create a coherent care package.

Margaret had a career initially in medical research, working for the Medical Research Council. She then moved on to a management career in the NHS, becoming Director of Performance Management and then Director of Quality and Performance in health authorities in the North East. Margaret has a special interest in clinical governance and in patient safety, ensuring that people receive the treatment they need at the right time, and in a safe environment.

Since retiring Margaret has worked as an independent consultant in the NHS, specialising in the fields of education quality, safety, governance and strategic planning.

She lives in Tynemouth and enjoys singing and walking.